There is a lot lies behind one single word - HEALTHY.

There is a lot . . . to tell you.

But we keep it short for you.



Quality of the milk depends on the way of breeding. As mush as we are shifting technology based production, demanding of organic and healthy foods is increasing day by day. But, organic products come from human hands rather than automation. Therefore, we engage with MONGOL BREEDING - not relying on technology or automation but on the spirit and wisdom of real herders and milkmaids. By doing this, our cheese factory is 100% supplied with milk by our own farmer. Besides, the quality control is made by our hygienic laboratory. These are some of the major advantages of our cheese factory.


Our final products come from combination of pure natural ingredients + quality control + traditional technology. The most important thing is that organic products - fresh cheeses are delivered directly from cheese factory to the costumers hands.

Freedom to cows

You may wonder what we are trying to deliver with words of FREEDOM TO COWS. And we say " ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigor. Providing an appropriate environment including shelter, comfortable resting area and wide pasture. Rapid diagnosis and treatment preventing from any cause of pain, injury or disease. No fear and distress". Plus, highly experienced herders and milkmaids.


Yes, we do engage in agriculture for our cattle.

Green grassland and nomadic lifestyle is what describes Mongolia best. Which also tells you that Mongolia is land of people who have thousands of years of breeding experience. This is our main advantage and we use it for our cheese factory by running healthy and organic farming.

A spirit of herder who always take care of their herds/cattle and milkmaid who knows the cattle’s behavior like the palm of her hand. This is how we run our farmer. If you would like to know more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our openness is our principle and we will be delighted to have you.